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SBCS  (Shipping Agency)





      SBCS  is acting as shipping agent through the main Moroccan ports: Casablanca, Jorf Lasfar, Agadir, Safi, Tanger Med, Nador, etc.


Our companie operate more than 250calls a year with qualified network agent in the main ports of the kingdom.


      SBCS  is known for the quality of her services, efficiency and  high celerity in treating operations.


      SBCS helps  partners to prepare and negotiate contracts and inform them about the legal measures that can eventually have consequences on the cargo or the ship. 


            The daily provided services:  





      SBCS is founded in 2000 by industry professionals, carrying with them an extensive experience in the inspection field. The company is considered to be one of the biggest superintendent companies in Morocco.


SBCS is a member of the international association GAFTA (Grain And Feed Trade Association) since 2006.


      SBCS is currently one of the most well organized superintendent companies in the grain and livestock feed field. Its customers include some of the biggest buyers, cooperatives, and private storage companies.


  1. SBCS ensures control and inspection services in the following fields:


  1. SBCS  ensures surveillance activities in the following fields :


  1. Our customers include :

 Importers, exporters, organisms, cereals storage, cooperatives, livestock feed industries and industrial milling.  

GLOBAL SURVEY AND TRADE : handling on board





      TRANS CEREALES and M3A TRANSPORT are two companies specialized in the transportation of cereals and livestock feed.


    TRANS CEREALES and M3A TRANSPORT have evolved due to the development of the SBCS Group various activities. The complementarity of the services constitutes a main advantage that contributes to the progress of TRANSCEREALES and M3A TRANSPORT.


     We aim to ensure to our clients high quality transportation services within the best deadlines and the most optimal security conditions.


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